MuseTech Web, Website Design and Maintenance Services Website

When my own business website needed a re-design, I decided to utilize the Joomla Content Management System. By using Joomla, I was able to become familiar with the system so that I could help my clients with their Joomla websites.

The original website, launched in 2008, was created in Dreamweaver and was full HTML. It was one of the first I designed. Though I liked the website and it was functional, it did need an updated look and feel. It also needed to incorporate my new logo.

MuseTech Web Original HTML design

Original Website Design – Designed using DreamWeaver.

Since my original website, I have re-designed the website three times – using Joomla and now in WordPress.

MuseTech Web Website Design


For the new website design, I purchased a premium template licenses and modify them to fit my needs. By starting with an existing template and modifying it, I am able to save money by not having to hire a programmer.