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When my own business website needed a re-design, I decided to utilize the Joomla Content Management System. By using Joomla, I was able to become familiar with the system so that I could help my clients with their Joomla websites.

The original website, launched in 2008, was created in Dreamweaver and was full HTML. It was one of the first I designed. Though I liked the website and it was functional, it did need an updated look and feel. It also needed to incorporate my new logo.

Recently, I re-designed my website again. This time I set it up in WordPress and purchased a Premium Theme to start the design. Because I liked the look and colors of the Joomla site, I took some of the design elements and added them to this new site.

MuseTech Web original website design.

Original Website Design

For the new website, I found a template I liked on Template Monster and modified it to fit my needs. By starting with an existing template and modifying it, I was able to save money by not having to hire a php programmer.

This experience will help in saving money and time for my future clients.

Don't create a website about your company, create a website for your paying customers."
Karen Thackston
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