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Over the years, the types of Services that MuseTech Web offers have been refined as I have come to realize that one person can’t do it all and do it well.

Below is the list of Services that I provide:

Website Maintenance

Many website design and development companies don’t care to handle Website Maintenance, but it is a task I enjoy and look forward to doing. Website Maintenance is one of your most important online marketing tactics, following getting the website set up in the first place. Often times, the task of updating the website gets constantly shuffled to the bottom of the stack. Just remember, Search Engines expect to, at least periodically, see fresh content. When a site does not get attention, your search rankings will fall. So whether you want to update your website weekly, monthly, quarterly, or whenever, MuseTech is here to assist you.

eBook and Print Book Formatting

With the emergence of services like Amazon’s KDP for Kindle and CreateSpace for print books, becoming a published author has never been easier. However, getting your book into the correct format, either print or ebook, can be daunting if you don’t understand the terminology or word processing software and the correct formatting requirements.

Contact me for a no-obligation discussion about your project.

Basic Search Engine Optimization

Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is implemented into every website I set up. Because SEO algorithms change frequently, full SEO is better left to a company that specializes in Search Engine Optimization. They will be, or should be, up-to-date on the latest white-hat SEO practices and have the tools to monitor your site and it’s rankings. Please feel free to contact me for tips on what to look for in a good SEO company.

Domain Name and Website Hosting Registration Assistance

Knowing how and where to register a domain name and get website hosting may be confusing. I can help you filter through the information and choices, or simply handle it for you.

Website Re-design

If you have a current website and need to update its look or turn it into a mobile-friendly site, I can help you. Contact me to discuss your site re-design options.

Website Design/Setup – On a project-by-project basis

Your website is a personal extension of you and an integral part of your business. When designing a website, I focus on getting to know you and your business first. Understanding what your business is about and its underlying principles are essential to developing a website that will effectively capture your target client. From Basic, Small-Business Informational Websites to E-commerce Websites, my main design function is providing Mobile Responsive Website Designs that can compete in the current mobile age.

Currently, I am only taking website design projects on a case-by-case basis as my main business focus has evolved away from website design. Please contact me to discuss your project and if I have a spot in my schedule for your website project.

Don't create a website about your company, create a website for your paying customers."
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