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Meadowlark Inn B&B

Meadowlark Responsive Website
A Montana Bed & Breakfast with a Responsive Website Design

The Meadowlark Inn Bed & Breakfast and Gallery is a Montana B&B constructed with straw bales and beautiful timber-framing. The website is my first Responsive Website Design. With the dramatic increase of mobile devices, it was important for me to focus my website development around mobile usage.

In the past, if you wanted a mobile version of your website, you generally had to create and update a second layout. With Responsive Website Design, the web page adjusts itself depending on the device that is viewing the website – images shrink and/or stack, columns reformat to become narrower, navigation layout changes as needed.

Below is a layout of what the Meadowlark Inn B&B website looks like on various devices.

Meadowlark Inn Responsive Website

Take a look at this unique Bed & Breakfast at

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