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JoAnn’s World

JoAnns World
Personal blog on the WordPress platform.

JoAnn’s World developed because I wanted to delve into the blogging world but couldn’t decide what avenue to focus on. Because I am interested in so many things, I decided to not limit my blog to just one area. With my perspective of the world, and of my experiences, being so different from anyone else’s, JoAnn’s World, The view from my part of the world, became my theme.

I decided on WordPress as the platform of the blog; wanted red, black, and gray in the color scheme; and began looking for a theme that would work.

The starting point for the blog design came from a theme called Zombie Apocalypse. After getting rid of the zombie hand, the dripping blood, the bloody hand, the blood pool, and the header area background, I was ready to add the elements to the design that were uniquely me.

Please check out the final blog design at

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